Bộ chỉ thị kỹ thuật số DWT 410


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Bộ chỉ thị DWT 410 do DO CÔNG TY CÂN ĐIỆN TỬ NGUYÊN HÙNG có trụ sở chính tại TT Hắc Dịch, Huyện Tân Thành. Tỉnh BR-VT phân phối trên cả nước, quý khách hàng có nhu cầu xin liên hệ : Tại Việt Nam Hotline: 0914388739- 0985646149 or (0254)3.503.739

DANH MỤC: Bộ chỉ thị - đầu cân
Weighing Indicators for Truck weighbridges.
Digital weighing technology - when you want to do more than "just" weigh.
Power inside! Top-of-the-range terminal for high demands.
  • Universal implementation: weighing - dosing - control
  • Commercially verifiable to precision class III
  • CE-approved to EU guidelines
  • Rugged industrial version in a high quality design with impact-resistant ABS plastic housing, EMC-tested (Protection class IP 20, Front IP 65)
  • Desktop mounting or rack version for mounting in control cabinet
  • Single or multi-range version with automatic switch-over (up to 3 measuring ranges possible)
  • Maximum user friendliness with extensive memory options
  • Choice of 6 user languages
  • Alphanumerical membrane keyboard: 56 large keys with pressure point
  • Back-lit TFT graphic display (115 x 86 mm) with individually selectable character sets (in size and form)
  • Analog and digital load cells may be connected
Bộ chỉ thị kỹ thuật số dwt 410 - 1
Data interfaces:
    • 1 serial interface EIA RS 232
    • 2 serial interfaces, configurable EIA RS 232/422/485
    • 2 inputs / 2 outputs, opto-isolated, max. 110 V, 200 mA (e.g. for traffic light control)
  • Transmission rate programmable, up to 115,200 baud (serial interface)
  • Extensive data administration and special functions (various weighing functions / administration of master data and statistics according to different criterions)
  • Integrated, battery-buffered clock chip
  • Approved version up to 10,000 increments; internally up to 60,000 increments
  • Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
DWT 800 versions
  • ANALOG for connection to a scale with analog load cells (max. 12 load cells à 350 ohms with 6-wire system)
  • DUPLEX ANALOG for connection to a compound scale with analog load cells (with sum formation or weighing value per individual scale)
  • DIGITAL for connection to a scale with digital load cells, type CPD (max. 12 load cells CPD)
  • DUPLEX DIGITAL for connection to a compound scale with digital load cells, Type CPD (with sum formation or weighing value per individual scale)
  • DOSING with its own software for standard loading function (fine and coarse material flow)
Bộ chỉ thị kỹ thuật số dwt 410 - 2
Upgrade options
  • Verifiable hardware data memory MPP, replaces alibi printer (permanent saving of weight values according to applicable calibration regulations)
  • 3 free slots (with plug and play recognition)
  • Auxiliary card for 12 V voltage supply (for use in vehicles)
  • Rack version (for mounting in control cabinet)
  • Printer STB 112, high-power thermo-printer specially for operation on truck scales, design corresponding to weighing terminal DWT 400